ZapBG Lifetime Deal

Eeasiest way to clear backgrounds from your images

One Click Background Remove

Simple, effective and hassle-free solution for you to remove backgrounds from any image.

Crop out your products, models, objects, selfies or anything you like.

The more early adopters like yourselves use it, the better our algorithms become through our machine learning system.

Add New Backgrounds

We don’t want you to lose time on downloading, opening different image editing programs and designing everything from scratch.

We built a simple editor tool for you inside ZapBG. Currently live with single color backgrounds, and images and gradients soon to come on our roadmap.

Share on Social Media

Once you are done, share on the platforms that matter. We are starting out with a few important integrations, and will continue to include more in the upcoming months.

At ZapBG, They’re focused on helping you save the most important resource you have – time.

We created a special deal for you that will be only available for a limited period of time consisted of 1000 BG Remover Credits per month, unused credit rollover from month to month, access to all these features below plus free access to all future updates!

  • Autoclip AI: Once you upload the picture, our AI will automatically remove the background from it.
  • Undo / Redo: You can always go back to the previous state with our undo and redo options.
  • + / – Markers: We have created markers for you to manually choose what parts you want to remove or keep.
  • Change Backgrounds: Our editor tool lets you add image or color backgrounds so you don’t have to use other apps anymore.
  • Share Easily: Share your work directly on social media without leaving our app.
  • Brush Size: Manually choose brush size for your editing purposes.
  • Pan & Zoom: Twist, turn, and zoom an image to deliver pixel-perfect results.
  • Multi Export: Export multiple images at once and save your precious time.

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