• most intuitive UI and editor 
  • vast database of templates
  • drag-and-drop copy builder
  • new AI (GPT-3) writing capability
  • one-click copy analyses 
  • dark mode option


  • AI output should be longer
  • more AI frameworks needed
  • some templates needed e.g. video sales letter, webinars, opt-ins, funnel pages
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    Are you a copywriting superhero?

    Writing copy is never easy, whether you’re having to write up a sales letter, an email, or the copy for your website.

    Have you ever experienced any of the below three scenarios?

    Scenario #1 Writing high-converting sales copy

    "I don't know how to write high-converting sales copy that sells my products and services. I have a fantastic product or service, but I can't seem to tell the world about it in an engaging way."

    In other words, let’s assume that:

    •   you have a fantastic product to offer, and
    •   you’re pretty sure that your product is of value to others, and
    •   you have the necessary skills to market your product or service (you’re not asking for a magic wand),

    So what’s stopping you from turning your great product into cash?

    It could be the lack of knowing how to write high-converting sales copy that sells.

    You may be able to write something that sounds good on paper or in your head, but it looks so mediocre and dull when you see it translated onto the screen.

    Scenario #2 Guessing game

    "I began writing copy for my website, ads, or email campaign, and it felt like a guessing game. I had no idea how to create something that would make people want to buy my product. I even tried listening to the radio to get ideas for my copy, but that wasn't any use either - it all sounded the same. I didn't know what I needed to do to improve my sales copywriting skills."

    Scenario #3 Stricken with writer’s block

    Writer’s block is common for all writers, whether you are a professional or amateur copywriter, and it can be a problem.

    It means you have the skills to write but can’t find the right words.

    But deadlines are nearing, and you’re worried that your sales copy will never be written or edited in time.

    But what if you could quickly write a sales letter, email message, or ad campaign that was well-written and enticing to the reader?

    Wouldn’t it be great if you possess the skills to write a sales letter that can make readers buy?

    If you are still with me, it’s about time to reveal how to overcome the above three challenges that we all face.

    ClosersCopy Review: Writing copy has never been so easy!

    What is ClosersCopy copywriting software?

    This new copywriting software helps beginner or professional copywriters to write persuasive sales letters, advertisements, and email campaigns to turn readers into customers.

    You start by choosing a relevant template from the ever-growing template library and follow a step-by-step copy wizard.

    It ships with a drag-and-drop copy builder where you could fill in the blanks inside a selected template.

    ClosersCopy features: what exactly does it have to offer?

    All the features of Closerscopy are geared towards giving you words that sell in a variety of situations.

    Let’s look at the two important categories of features that will make you a copywriting superhero!

    Conventional features – the killer features

    The first category of features are:-

    • sophisticated and the most advanced editor for copywriters (AI features added since April 2021)
    • proven highly converting templates
    • guidance & advice as you write along (explanation on templates and copywriting 101)
    • drag-and-drop copy builder & step-by-step copy wizard (from template library)
    • a vast searchable database of ads copy (18,000 examples for Google and Facebook)
    • 1,000+ power and sensory words database
    • thesaurus lookup (synonyms and antonyms)
    • copy analyses (for emotions, sentence, keyword, email spam [beta], and grammatical voice [coming May 2021]
    • download capability as PDF or Word document
    • team collaboration [coming June 2021]

    AI-powered content creation (based on GPT-3)

    This second category of features are brand new and recently incorporated:-

    • AI (artificial intelligence) generated output is automatically inserted into the new editor
    • One-click shorten, expand and rephrase your copy right inside the editor using GPT-3 AI technology
    • AI help writes copy based on popular copywriting frameworks such as AIDA (attention-Interest-Desire-Action), PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution), and PASO (Problem-Agitation-Social Proof-Outcome)
    • You could also use AI to write short-form content:
        • ads in Facebook, Google, LinkedIn
        • blog title and opening paragraph
        • engaging headlines
        • product names and descriptions
        • business taglines, mini-story and reviews
        • Youtube title and descriptions
        • email subject lines

    Copywriting Workflow – Getting Started with ClosersCopy

    Using ClosersCopy can be broken down into five very simple steps:

    Sign in => Dashboard => New Project => New Document => Open

    Step 1: After registering your account, go and sign in to your account.

    Step 1 Closerscopy sign in

    Step 2: Once you signed in, you would be landing on the “Dashboard”.

    Step 2 & 3 Click here to create new project

    Step 3: Just click the “New Project” button to create a new project folder to create a new document.

    Step 4: Once inside the project folder, you should click the “New Document” button to create a new document and give it a name.

    Step 4 Click here to start new document

    Step 5: Then click the “Open” button to start writing and editing your copy.

    Step 5 Click here to open document

    ClosersCopy Tutorial and Video Walkthrough

    We have recorded a video tutorial on using ClosersCopy’s features to write a sales letter and email campaign.

    Various other essential features are also demonstrated in the video.

    What do other people say about ClosersCopy?

    The below testimonials are from real people who have purchased and used ClosersCopy. (Source: ClosersCopy website)

    Mads Testimonial Closerscopy
    David Testimonial Closerscopy
    Nile Testimonial Closerscopy

    ClosersCopy vs. the competition

    ClosersCopy is undoubtedly not the only copywriting software on the market, so how does it compare with the competition?

    Script-based software

    There is much script-based copywriting software in the market where you have to fill out very extensive guided forms with 50 to 100 dropdown menus. The whole process of form filling could take up to one hour in some cases.

    You have to choose a script based on the type of copy (sales letters, email campaigns, webinars, etc.) or based on a niche.

    After that, you will need to click the regenerate button, and you get your final copy “written” by the script engine.

    You are probably getting a very similar copy to what other people are getting if they are using the same script, and neither of you does any further editing. The uniqueness of the document generated should be your concern in such a case.

    We are not saying this kind of software is not good at all. We merely point out some of the points which you must evaluate.

    AI-powered copywriters

    Since the advent of GPT-3 technology in the market, much AI-assisted copywriting software has emerged almost every other day.

    Most of them generate output based on descriptions (or prompts as it is technically called) provided by users via templates.

    All of them could generate short-form copy, and some of them have started to roll out a long-form copy (1,000 words and above) editor.

    Where does ClosersCopy stand among the competition?

    With the introduction of AI capability in April 2021, ClosersCopy becomes a unique copywriting assistant to anyone looking to write sales letters, email copy, or website copy.

    Let’s explain further.

    You get the best of both worlds, from the script-based copywriting software and the AI-powered GPT-3 writers.

    There is no need to fill out 100 dropdown boxes and input fields every time you need to write a copy (which is the core feature of script-based software).

    The approach is different: it has an easy-to-use copy builder combined with proven templates from their hand-curated database.

    The process of writing is further streamlined with the most advanced and improved version of AI writing editor, not found in any other copywriting software in the market.

    There are two ways to use AI in ClosersCopy.

    The first method is to use the one-click rewrite, expand and shorten functions (powered by AI) to edit any sentences inside the editor.

    The second method is particularly very useful when you are hitting the writer’s block.

    Just use the popular frameworks to allow AI to help write compelling sales copy for you without even lifting your fingers.

    In addition, the copy analysis features (for emotions, sentence, keyword, email spam, and grammatical voice) are not found in other competitors.

    These features are essential in making sure the copy you have written using ClosersCopy becomes more humanly readable and understandable.

    Is ClosersCopy Right For You?

    Now we have covered all the killer features and functions of CloserCopy, weighing the pros and cons and compare it with the competition – let’s talk about YOU.

    There is no perfect tool for everyone, including ClosersCopy.

    So let’s analyze who exactly this AI-assisted copywriting tool is suitable for. 

    Beginner copywriters

    If you are starting out in online marketing or venturing into the world of copywriting, ClosersCopy is definitely a dream come true.


    We must put it down in black and white here:

    • intuitive dashboard with a very easy to use AI editor (come with dark mode as well)
    • helpful advice and guidance when using the step-by-step copy wizard
    • effortlessly write your content by drag and drop (the fill-in-the-blanks) copy templates onto the editor
    • plenty of ad copy examples (18,000+)
    • 1,000+ power and sensory words to choose from and thesaurus lookup
    • use of AI features to rewrite, expand or shorten your sentences
    • lastly, use AI to generate ideas for ads, blog title and opening paragraph, engaging headlines, email subject lines, and much more

    Expert copywriters

    Even though ClosersCopy is suitable for beginner copywriters or people with no prior copywriting experience, it does not mean it is limiting for veteran copywriters.

    In addition to the above bullet points listed for beginner copywriters, the following features are beneficial for experienced copywriters:

    •   copy emotional analysis
    •   copy sentence analysis
    •   copy keyword analysis
    •   copy spam analysis (now in beta)
    •   copy grammatical analysis using AI (to be launched in May 2021)
    •   team features where you could collaborate with team members
    •   store your copy in the cloud or download it as PDF or Word document

    The bottom line is ClosersCopy is really an all-in-one copywriting app which is designed not only for beginner copywriters but also very useful for expert copywriters.


    ClosersCopy may not be the perfect copywriting software in the world.


    In my opinion, it is a dream come true for people who are just starting out with copywriting.

    And also, for digital marketers who are just beginning to get some traction in their online business.

    I consider myself someone who is slowly getting into the world of copywriting.

    After being targeted by its Facebook ads, I started to use it since then.

    Want to become a copywriting superhero soon?

    You can if you take the first step of using ClosersCopy today!

    Remember to use our ClosersCopy discount code DOWNLOADSILO to get extra 15% off.

    By the way, it comes with a 30-day money guarantee, no questions asked.

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