Truemail Lifetime Deal

Email checker tool will clean your email list and increase deliverability rate up to 99%

Puzzling over why your email campaign fails because of the bounced emails might be a tough task, but few realize that the reason is simple – the emails in the list might be old, fake, or abandoned.

Your mailing list is the lifeline of your digital marketing campaigns. But if your car regularly needs a tune-up to stay healthy.

Ever wondered what it might take to keep your mailing list healthy?

It’s called email verification.

No idea what that is?

No problem That’s why we help you to understand more about email verification.

Meet TrueMail Lifetime Deal

TrueMail verifies each email address in the list in real-time and gives you the status for each email: valid, invalid, unverifiable, disposable, unknown.

Unlike usual email checkers, TrueMail is more accurate and is designed with user-friendly software, great for non-technical users.

Bulk Email Verifier

  • Advanced mail server verification for user identification.
  • Automatically removes duplicate emails and bad syntax at no charge prior to cleaning.
  • Validates emails from small to large businesses, and all major providers from anywhere in the world.
  • Alternative of : MailerLiteNeverBounce and Snovio.
  • Best for Email Marketer and database management for a simple way to organize and verify their email addresses.

Advanced Features

Unlike usual email checkers, TrueMail is more accurate and is designed with user-friendly software, great for non-technical users.

    • Advanced mail server verification for user identification
    • Automatically removes duplicate emails & bad syntax at no charge prior to cleaning
    • Validates emails of all types, from small to large businesses, & all major providers from anywhere in the world
    • Domains are checked for current live status, including parked domains & overall health
    • Easily segments results for download, no need for additional work in Excel or other software
    • Eliminates potentially harmful emails through real-time process
    • Native integrations w/ Mailchimp, Hubspot, Active Campaign, AWeber, Gist, MailerLite, SendPulse, Campaign Monitor, Drip, SendGrid, Getresponse, Madmimi, Sparkpost, Mailgun and other apps
    • Data is encrypted via 256-bit SSL protocol & is only accessible by someone w/ login credentials

Deal Terms

  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.
  • Length of access: Lifetime
  • Updates included

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