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Shorten, Track And Optimize Your Links With Catchy Call-To-Actions, Retargeting Pixels, Branded Links, Powerful Analytics, And Generate Leads On Autopilot

Do you sometimes share content of other websites on your social channels? This doesn’t really help your business, right? 🤔

What if you could add your CTA on that page, your email opt-in, your retargeting pixel, and more?

Meet Linknifty. 

Linknifty is a URL shortener and link tracking platform that also allows you to add branded call-to-actions or retargeting pixels to any page on the web.

The only platform you will ever need for link shortening, tracking, optimization, and deep analytics.

1. Find A Link To Share

Get the link to any website you want to share with your audience. It can be a blog post, a news article or anything from any website.

2. Add A Call-To-Action, Retargeting Pixel Or Custom Script To The URL

Optimize your link: Add your retargeting pixels, Call-to-Action popups, opt-in forms or any custom scripts that will help you track, retarget or convert your audience.

3. Share It With Your Audience

Simply share your optimized link on social media networks, email newsletters, or any other way you choose.

Generate leads on autopilot: Anyone who visits that link will see your call-to-action, or will be added to your retargeting list.

4. Generate Leads On Autopilot

Anyone who visits that link will see your Call-To-Action and will be added to your retargeting list. Share more links to get more traffic, followers, and leads.

5. Measure Your Progress By Tracking Visitors, Clicks, And Conversions

Measure your progress by tracking visitors, clicks, and conversions in the advanced analytics feature in Linknifty.

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Linknifty Lifetime Deal




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