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Unified Information Management And Collaboration Platform That Enhance Productivity And Have Secured Business Chats At Optimal Cost

Do you want to increase your productivity and manage all of your data from multiple apps and sources easily?

Well, luckily for you, HyLyt by SocioRAC helps you converse and collaborate with features to enhance productivity of your remote teams using multiple apps and data silos. 

(A data silo is a group of raw data that is accessible by one department but isolated from the rest of that organization)

There are many solutions that assist remote teams in multiple-locations and work from home environments with retrieval on the go on mobile devices and notebooks. These products work in silos, and we have to work on multiple separate applications (apps) at any given time with the risk of data leakage too.

We have additional data silos in ERP, CRM, HRMS, etc. to add to this problem.

The 6 most common apps used in business are:

  1. Collaboration and Communication (email and IM)
  2. Note taking
  3. Messaging (chats)
  4. Cloud storage
  5. Video Conference
  6. Scheduling (reminder/ calendar)
HyLyt is going to help you manage all the important information from multiple places — giving you a complete picture — and can do the work of 6 separate apps that are commonly used today, all in a single place.
HyLyt can additionally help you in –
  1. Managing Remote Teams (work from Home, sales, service, project, branches, etc)

  2. IP Protection (restrict critical data going out through informal channels)

  3. Knowledge transfer from old to new user (when an employee leaves and new one joins)

  4. Preventing Data Leakage and enhanced cyber security (control how your business data is used by various employees)

  5. Unifying Data Silos (data from multiple apps/ sources at one place)

  6. Privileged channel (an additional layer on top of existing layers for the information and people that matter)

HyLyt can solve your pain points like:

  • Secured Business Communication & Collaboration
  • Increased User Productivity
  • Integrated Information Management

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