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Advertise on the exact videos your customers watch!

YouTube is the number #1 platform for video consumption for users and number #1 platform for marketers to reach out to the relevant users via video advertising. But targeting the right audience, at the right time via a relevant ad-supported video is extremely difficult.

Advertising your product could be easy but targeting the correct audience on a correct video is not. You end up spending more money on marketing because you are targeting wrong people via wrong videos which makes the lead generation and sales growth become slow and poor. As a marketer you understand how important finding the right video to target the right audience is. This tool lets you do just that.

PitchGround presents BITEPLAY – A tool that allows you to create highly targeted YouTube ad campaigns to advertise on the exact videos your customers watch and increase your ROI by reaching the right people with your ads!

So, what does Biteplay offer?

Planning – Precision Placement Research.

Don’t let your ad show up in random videos. Get targeted monetized videos that your audience is watching to put your ads in front of them. Find contextual placements based on what your audience is searching for such as relevant Keywords, Channels, ad-supported videos and topics.

Get Relevant Keywords – Find the most searched keywords on YouTube or Google. Filter and Target your audience based on the most searched keywords by Volume and avoid the negative keywords. Biteplay also allows you to export the CSV data.

Via Keyword and Channel categories, you can also select an option if you want to know only about the monetized videos or even non-monetized videos.

Analyze – Video intelligence Analysis.

Use accurate, up-to-date data to build your campaign and triple your earnings. Find viral videos before everyone knows it. Monitor and compare the best videos and pinpoint what resonates best to your targeted viewers.

Search for Influencers​ – Find trending videos and the best influencers in your niche and start to make business. Biteplay provides you powerful fIlters and allows to scrap their videos. Explore more topics and keep a track on the influencers with the provision of in-depth analytics. Get notifications based on your search.

Generate Tags – Use related tags to your videos to reach out to a larger audience with an option to export.

Export the video links – Once you find the relevant ad-supported videos to run your video campaigns, export the links and simply add them to your Google Ads. Relax and watch your ROI increase!

Measure – Create your campaign with the 1st party tracking solution. As soon as you run your successful YouTube ads, you’ll be able to kill off non-converting campaigns that are costing you money.

Don’t have already produced videos for ads? Inside Biteplay, you can access their video maker partner that allows you to create your own professional videos and access to millions of footages and templates. Also, Biteplay is going to provide you all the script templates and frameworks inside its free training course.

Go through the power features below –

  • Ad Placement Search – Unbeatable search modes
  • Influencer Search – Find the best creators on your niche
  • Viral Prediction – Discover the top trends
  • Power Tracking – Video Analytics from any video
  • Smart Lists – Save your target audience
  • Keyword Search – Most profitable keyword
  • Bulk Requests – Faster work, faster results
  • +40 Regions – Searches for specific regions
  • Team – Add team members to your account
  • Export Data – Export .XLS reports of any statistics
  • Beautiful Dashboard – Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Academy – Learn Youtube Ads from zero to PRO
  • Brand Safety – Brand suitability controls with Combination Machine and Human verification
  • Customized Experiences – Show up with the right message and tap into the most relevant content
  • Laser Target – Speaking to the interests of your viewers at the moments they’re most engaged
  • Power Tracking – Video Analytics from any video (Coming soon)
  • Auto Import – Keep up with fresh video content (Coming soon)
  • Conversion Tracking – Know every important metric (Coming soon)

Start Advertise on the exact videos your customers watch!

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