Enterprise Solution For Your Personal Conference Room

With the surge in online communication between companies, employees, and users, it has led everyone to hunt and explore for a stable and secure Video Conferencing software.

But the best part is when you can also resell this video conferencing software under your own name! Yes, you read that right!

ZRoom – World’s 1st Brand-able Video Conferencing Software where you can get your own Enterprise-Grade Conference Room for remote working with video chats, webinars presentations, screen sharing, recording, API control, remote assistance and much more!

So, what does ZROOM offer?

Let’s see below the core features of ZRoom –

1. No Login and Download – You don’t need to login and download the tool. Even on your mobile phone!

2. White Label – ZRoom offers a White Label solution where you can resell the tool under your own brand name. No technical assistance is needed. The only technical setup you will do is to add a domain record at your name registrar.

3. Secured Solutions – You will get secured features like video conferences, webinar presentations, screen sharing, text and file exchange, unlimited rooms, unlimited participants (limited with bandwidth only), text and image chat options.

You also get a server API for room control where you can create, delete, kick, lock, and set passwords!

4. Integrations – With Telegram and Slack Integration you can create a room with various params as needed.

Using Telegram bot, Agency panel (dashboard), Agencies can buy more slots for reselling.

5. Language Support – ZRoom currently supports 10 languages like English, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Greek, Dutch and Turkish, some provided by volunteers and many in the pipeline.

6. Plugins – With ZRoom, you can create your own plugins using the plugin (frontend) API.

7. Quick Features – You can place a custom domain, get custom color schemes. ZRoom also memorizes your last room for one-click re-entry and more.

Please Note – Streaming feature will be going live in June/July which will also have multi-streaming capabilities like Restream in the future. This feature is currently excluded from the deal and we will share more details about it here once this feature is live.

Get Lifetime access now!

$245 Agency Plan




60 Days Refund Policy

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