The tool can be used within any window of your Operating System, enabling users to easily generate insights, produce content, and streamline daily tasks. It serves as a multifunctional tool perfect for a wide range of users including students, researchers, writers, and business professionals.

Core Features


The application comes with predefined AI prompts, eliminating the need for composing long prompts and delivering incredible results effortlessly.

Real-time Assistance

Triplo AI provides real-time AI assistance anywhere and anytime. This feature can be utilized across both desktop and mobile devices.


The tool offers advanced translation capabilities allowing you to prompt AI in any language. It also supports direct translation between 200+ languages and dialects, understanding and perfectly matching contexts.

Content Generation

Triplo AI is capable of generating a wide variety of content types including emails, ideas, code, social media posts, blog posts, and much more.

How Triplo AI works?

  1. Bring Triplo AI alive anywhere: Simply press “ctrl + alt/opt + space” anywhere on your computer and Triplo AI input bar will appear on your screen
  2. Input your prompt (Ask anything you want from AI): Ex. Suggest me posts for Facebook to engage my Automation fanatics audience; Create a sequence of emails for cold leads to sell them my XYZ service; you name it)
  3. Get results back ready to be used: Once AI returns you’ll see the results on your screen. Simply paste them anywhere you and voilà!
Triplo AI 70 Smart Prompts


The platform offers 70+ SmartPrompts that help reduce typing and produce precise results, further enhancing productivity.

Advanced Translations

With Triplo AI, users can communicate in over 233 languages and dialects seamlessly. The technology respects regional variations and provides context-aware translations for accurate and culturally sensitive communication.

Triplo Testimonials

User Testimonials

Users across the globe have praised Triplo AI for its ability to streamline various tasks. Some users have found it extremely helpful for tasks such as creating social media posts, correcting code snippets, and proofreading texts. The application’s ease of use and ability to integrate with any application that has a text field for writing in has also been highlighted.

Find a plan that’s right for you

Triplo AI offers a variety of plans including a free trial, and lifetime deals for single devices, three devices, and ten devices. The lifetime deal plans cover features that do not depend on third-party services without APIs.

Single LTD

Single Device

$79  $59.25


15 Days Refund Policy

Combo LTD

Three Devices

$159 $119.25


15 Days Refund Policy


Ten Devices

$479 $359.25


15 Days Refund Policy

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