With its proprietary Longform AI tool, it enables the creation of long-form content efficiently, leading to enhanced traffic growth.

SurgeGraph is your complete suite of semantic & contextual SEO tools that help you find the most profitable keywords, write perfectly optimized content, and build the most contextually linked website.

SurgeGraph Toolsets

1. Content Writer – Craft high-ranking content with our advanced SEO writer

The Content Writer is where you build in-depth outlines with the Outline Builder, generate content from scratch using Longform AI, and optimize new or existing content. Basically, it’s where you accelerate your content velocity.

Features included in the Content Writer are:

  • Longform AI
  • Outline Builder
  • SERP Analyzer – Discover the secrets of top-ranking pages
  • SEO Analysis, Score, & Suggestions
  • Export
Content Writer + SEO Optimizer

2. Keyword Research Tool – Skyrocket your ranking with the power of profitable keywords

The Keyword Research Tool is where you perform keyword research to discover high-performing & profitable keywords that can drive maximum traffic to your website.

Features included in the Keyword Research Tool are:

  • Hundreds of related keyword ideas
  • Metrics like Search Intent, Search Volume & Keyword Difficulty
  • Opportunity Score
  • SERP Analyzer
  • Topic Clustering
  • Export
Keyword Research - SurgeGraph

3. Keyword Planner – Easily manage and map your keywords and content silo

The Planner is where you can map out your keywords to build content silos and plan internal links.

Features included in the Planner are:

  • Keyword Listing
  • Keyword Mapper
  • Export
Keyword Planner - SurgeGraph

4. Bulk Keyword Research Tool – Save precious time, research all your keywords in a single go 

Bulk Keyword Research is where you can efficiently perform keyword research for up to 500 words at once.

This is especially helpful when you have a long list of keywords that needs to be researched.

So instead of researching them one by one, you can just import a CSV file, copy paste, or type the keywords in manually, and get important metrics like user intent, search volume, keyword difficulty, and Opportunity Score in seconds.

Features included in the Bulk Keyword Research Tool are:

  • Metrics like Search Intent, Search Volume & Keyword Difficulty
  • Opportunity Score
  • Export
Bulk Keyword Research Tool - SurgeGraph

The Need for Longform AI

SEO practitioners, business owners, marketers, writers, bloggers, and essentially anyone who needs to increase their organic traffic or requires long-form content can significantly benefit from this tool. The scenarios that necessitate Longform AI include the inability to rank a page or grow a business, failed SEO strategies despite significant investment, and the struggle to generate high-quality content within given timelines.

Content Writer- Longform AI

Introducing Longform AI

Longform AI is an AI-driven content generator that produces long-form content from scratch within minutes. The tool is powered by over 50 SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data points from SurgeGraph’s SEO toolsets, making it capable of generating SEO-optimized content that can rank high on search engines. It differentiates itself from other AI writing tools by its focus on producing quality long-form content and in-built SEO functionalities, which many other AI tools lack.

Advantages of Using Longform AI

The tool offers several advantages:

Stays On Topic: Longform AI generates contextually coherent long-form content, using SurgeGraph’s proprietary Contextual Terms, which helps boost content relevance.

Focuses on Long-Form Content: Longform AI is designed to create long-form content, which is more demanding but also more rewarding from an SEO perspective.

Integrated SEO Tools: The tool has integrated SEO features, using 50+ SERP data points, making it a powerful AI and SEO tool.

Creates In-Depth Content: Longform AI analyzes top-ranking pages, identifies the topics covered, and uses this information to create content that matches or exceeds the depth of information provided by the best content available.

Competes with Top-Ranked Content: Longform AI studies the SERP, gathers relevant questions readers have, and answers them in your content.

Creates Detailed Outlines: With the Outline Builder, users can customize and tailor their long-form content with data and information compiled from top-ranking pages and the SERP.

Full features in SurgeGraph

Full Features in SurgeGraph

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