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Auto Remove Image Background In Just A Few Seconds With AI

You may have spent hours cropping or removing the image background for your  marketing purposes without knowing the fact that you could instead use Slazzer that would simply do the job in like what 5 seconds!

This gets crazy for an individual or a company when there are over hundreds and thousand of images that needs background removal.

Digital Marketers, Ecom business, Photographers, Advertisers – the list of users can simply go on.

SLAZZER – A tool that lets you auto remove the media background with AI in just 5 seconds!

So, what does Slazzer offer?

Slazzer is a tech based company & aims to bring automation to your workflow by saving your time & money. Its A.I. based tool automatically removes image background in just few seconds without a single touch.

Saves Time & Money – Are you losing your mind removing backgrounds from images? Not anymore, as with Slazzer, you can remove background from any image within a few seconds.

Personal & Professional – Are you a designer, photographer or do you just love clicking selfies to keep your Instagram feed on flick? Removing backgrounds just got super easy with Slazzer.

100% Automation – Slazzer will do everything for you to remove background from image. You do not need to mark people, or use any selection tool as it will do it automatically.

How It Works?

1. Upload Image – Upload an picture of your choice.

2. Get clear transparent background – Slazzer, an AI based tool instantly removes any image background & create’s a transparent background in just few seconds without a single click.

3. Add new background – Unleash your creativity!! Add stunning graphics, backgrounds & colours to your picture with the Slazzer’s editor tool.

4. Design as you like – Upload any image & set it as your background and Save!

Use Cases

Let check some interesting use cases for Slazzer!

  • For Personal Use – Become a Image Editor Ninja!
  • For Ecommerce Use – Let Slazzer become your one stop e-commerce product photography editing tool!
  • For Photography Usage – Now shoot more photos & spend less time selecting Pixels!
  • For Advertising Use – Design the most attractive and creative campaigns never seen before!
  • For Developers Use – Develop high quality future AI apps today!

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