ReferralMagic Lifetime Deal

Turn Your Users and Customers Into Referral Magnets!

Creating a referral campaign for your product directly on your website and to get correct stats with that is one challenging part of the complete referral program. But with this tool, your referral campaign would be ready in just few minutes.

No need to code by yourself. No need to install multiple tools. Simply use this and turn your users into referral magnets!

REFERRALMAGIC – A tool that allows you to easily integrate the referral tracking software into your website with real-time stats.

So, what does ReferralMagic offer?

Designed for rapid integration and optimal referral program building. In just a few minutes, you can leverage your existing user base.

  • SaaS & Software
  • Shopify Ecommerce
  • Mobile Apps
  • Run Multiple Referral Campaigns
  • Run Multiple Referral Campaigns
  • Referral Campaign Options
  • Add Javascript
  • Ready To Use Referral Widgets
  • Customizable Invite Friend Widgets 
  • Real-time Referral Campaign Statistics
  • Reward Payout Management

How exactly does Referral Magic works?

  1. Create your New Referral Campaign
  2. Add tracker javascript code to your website
  3. Use Invite friend widget to anywhere on your website for users to share their referral link
  4. Inform your users about the referral program and rewards
  5. Once the campaign is live, track all the statistics live

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60 Days Refund Policy

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$397 Agency Plan


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$69 Add-on Pack

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