Your 360° Social Media Marketing Intelligence Platform

When you run a campaign for your brand or for others across multiple social media channels or when you want to check your competitor’s brand, collecting the data evidently becomes the next most important step. To keep a track on the campaign, this is where you will need a software that would help you collect all the data insights and analytics for the campaign in one single dashboard. – A tool that lets you organise all your Social Media Data in one place!

So, what does Inclick offer?

Pathfix handles the end user Authorization and Communication between applications. A platform that is flexible, secure and the fastest way to connect and send messages to any service provider.

Get more certainty around your marketing strategy with Inclick’s tools specially designed to meet your ever-changing needs.

  • Analyze – Understand how your brand is performing and benchmark it against your competitors
  • Monitor – Monitor audience conversations and analyze user sentiments & trends

1) Social Media Analytics – Get analytics for the social channels that matter to you – in a downloadable format

Instantly create detailed social media reports for any brand. Get in-depth analytics for any brand across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

2) PPT & XLS Reporting with Analytics Overview – Stay meeting ready always.

Download any report in under a minute. Inclick automates the report building process using AI and saves 85% of your time.

3) Social Media Listening – Listen to all the buzz that’s happening on Social Media and make the best of the underlying opportunities.

Monitor your campaigns and lead the conversation. Find out what people are saying and posting about your brand online. Understand consumer sentiments for your own brands & competitors

Inclick helps you save 85% of your time by automating data collection, analytics, and reporting for all your social media channels

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$59 Plan B (=Listen)




60 Days Refund Policy

$99 Bundle Plan (A+B)




60 Days Refund Policy

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