HelpGent, an ultimate help agent for video messaging and screen recording, aims to streamline the process of two-way communication. This innovative platform is designed to offer the power to communicate with audiences asynchronously using four core features: video messaging, voice messaging, text messaging, and screen recording.

Customers no longer have to wait on hold for a live agent, as they now have the freedom to start, pause, and resume the conversation when it’s convenient for them.

HelpGent Core Features

Why Use HelpGent?

The Advantage of Using HelpGent

The power of visual communication is well leveraged by HelpGent. As our brains process visuals much faster than text, HelpGent offers asynchronous visual communication to facilitate better understanding between users. The platform is designed for comprehensive, efficient, and effective asynchronous communication through various means.

Personalized Customer Support

HelpGent offers personalized customer support with video. It ensures users’ needs are met, providing a comprehensive view of the customer through asynchronous video messaging, voice, and text messages, and video records of screens for a detailed understanding of issues.

Turning Leads into Customers

HelpGent aids in transforming potential leads into customers by freeing up time spent on answering customer emails, allowing focus on the bigger picture. It facilitates easy contact and conversion of customers through asynchronous communication.

Strengthening Customer Relationships

HelpGent helps foster deeper connections with customers, thus creating stronger relationships and enhancing customer loyalty and repeat business. Its easy-to-use tool enables users to show their customers how much they value them.

HelpGent vs Traditional Methods

Live Chat vs. HelpGent:

  1. Timing: Live Chat operates in real-time and requires immediate, synchronous feedback. In contrast, HelpGent allows conversations to unfold over time and supports asynchronous feedback.

  2. Messaging: Live Chat supports instant messaging, but HelpGent provides the flexibility of not needing to send messages instantly.

  3. Conversation History: Live Chat does not preserve conversation history for future reference, and interrupted conversations cannot be recovered. On the other hand, HelpGent saves conversation history and allows users to recover interrupted conversations at any time.

  4. Cost: Having Live Chat is beneficial but can be expensive. In contrast, HelpGent is both beneficial and affordable.

Traditional Contact vs. HelpGent:

  1. Conversation Recovery: Traditional contact forms erase all responses once the site is closed, so users cannot revisit their answers. In contrast, HelpGent allows users to recover all previous conversations.

  2. Spam Level: Traditional contact methods are expected to attract significant spam. On the other hand, HelpGent is characterized by its lack of spam.

  3. Media Messaging: Traditional contact does not support video and audio messaging. However, HelpGent offers easy-to-use video and audio messaging features.

  4. Screen Recording and Sharing: Unlike traditional contact methods, HelpGent allows screen recording and sharing.

  5. Personalization: Traditional contact methods provide a less personalized experience. On the other hand, HelpGent is noted for its highly personalized approach.

Floating Chat Widgets vs. HelpGent:

  1. User Disruption: Floating chat widgets can be disruptive to users and often block key page content. On the other hand, HelpGent does not create any annoyance for users and has no chance of blocking any page content.

  2. Real-Time Connection: Floating chat widgets require real-time connection with customers for customer support, while HelpGent does not require real-time interaction for offering customer support.

  3. Cost: Floating chat widgets are beneficial but expensive. Conversely, HelpGent provides substantial benefits at a lower cost.

  4. Screen Sharing: Floating chat widgets do not support screen sharing. In contrast, screen sharing is fully supported by HelpGent.

How HelpGent Works

Get face-to-face & build deeper relationships with your prospect! This is how it works.

how Helpgent works
How HelpGent works Step 2
How HelpGent works Step 3 HelpGent
How HelpGent works Step 4

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