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FigPii Is An All-In-One CRO Tool

You have got an awesome website with a lot of traffic. But, 9 out of 10 visitors are not buying from your website.

Do you know why?

You don’t have a traffic problem. You have a conversion problem.

In 2020, with so much competition around, it’s super important for you to understand what your visitors are looking for (vs) what you’re offering & how you’re presenting it to them.

With FigPii, you can get all the data you want from your visitors.

Getting started with FigPii is really easy.

  1. Once you’ve added & verified your website, you will be seeing a list of tools to get started with
  2. You could create a heatmap (or) watch a recording (or) run a new A/B experiment (or) start a poll to collect user feedback
  3. You can also define the pages & devices to be included & excluded for each of your split testing experiment

There are a lot more features that we can write on, all day. But, we want you to start exploring FigPii by yourself.

FigPii customers are paying $79/mo for 1 website, and 50K visitors per month.

But, not today!

Today, you can get complete access to all the features of FigPii, 2 websites & 50,000 Unique Visitors for each of them for $99/lifetime.

Plus, there is no branding and you get 2 months of data history.

FigPii has a very solid roadmap ahead. And, it is included as a part of this deal ( Public roadmap )

Get Lifetime access now!

Lifetime deal




30 Days Refund Policy

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