EmbedMyReviews simplifies the process of managing your client’s reputation all from a single platform. Our platform, which requires no coding, enables you to generate a steady income stream by providing review management services to your clients under your own brand.

What is EmbedMyReviews platform?

EmbedmyReviews makes it easy to manage your client’s reputation from one place. Your clients can manage their reviews from one place gain better insights, get more reviews and deal with unhappy customers.

EmbedmyReviews Reputation Management

Key Features of EmbedMyReviews

Easy Management and Revenue Generation

EmbedMyReviews provides a no-code platform that allows you to generate recurring revenue by offering review management services to your clients under your own brand.

Technical Support and Subscription Plans

The software provides Stripe support to facilitate payments from your clients immediately. You can also create your own subscription plans and control the features that your clients can access. Additionally, free trials are offered to customers, allowing them to experience the software before subscribing.

All-in-One Review Management

The platform synchronizes all your client’s reviews from across the web, enabling clients to manage their reviews, gain better insights, increase their reviews, and deal with dissatisfied customers from one place.

Overview of Software Features

EmbedMyReviews offers features such as custom plans, widgets, and the ability to manage customers. It enables you to white label the application and install any third-party scripts, such as analytics and chat widgets. The software supports over 10 languages, allowing you to sell white-labelled reputation management in your own country and language.

An easy way to white label your application

  1. Upload your logo, favicon and theme – Within a few clicks transform the application to fit in with your brand.
  2. Use your own branded domain – Use your own branded domain or subdomain.
  3. Install any third party scripts – Copy and paste any third party scripts such as analytics, chat widgets etc.

Flexible control with custom subscription plans

  1. Setup free trials, default plans, link to Stripe – Offer free trials to your customers and optionally link the plan to your Stripe account.
  2. Full control over features – Control what features your customers can access on this plan. From what widgets they can create to what review sources they can connect to. You have full control.
  3. Limit email/SMS credits – Safely limit how many email and SMS credits customers get on a given plan. With built in support for upselling additional credits.

Fine grained control over your customers

  1. Easy customer management – Manage your customers from one place, with fine grained control over what indiviual customers can access.
  2. Free trials – Adjust the free trial period for a customer
  3. Impersonate customer accounts – Login as a customer directly from the dashboard. An easy way to provide support to your customers.

Beautiful modern widgets

  1. Customize theme, fonts and more – Your clients can customize the widgets to fit in with their website.
  2. Filter what reviews to showcase – Clients can filter what reviews should be shown within the widget.
  3. Easy install steps – Just copy and paste the code snippet where your customer want’s to display the widget.

Find A Plan That’s Right For You

Pay once. Sell to unlimited customers. Cheaper than our competitors monthly plans. Limited time only.

Startup Plan

One business



14 Days Refund Policy

Business Plan

Five businesses/locations



14 Days Refund Policy

Agency Starter

50 businesses/locations

$499 $424


14 Days Refund Policy

Agency Unlimited

Unlimited businesses/locations

$749 $637


14 Days Refund Policy

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