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ContentFries is a content multiplier app that turns videos into a weeks’ worth of engaging content. It also features auto-captioning, content repurposing, context editor, and bulk exports.

Video has become one of the most popular type of content online. Video creators need to find new ways of getting their content in front of audiences.

Instead of creating different versions of the same content and hoping for some measure of success, creators can use strategic content re-purposing to get the most out of their videos and distribute them to more platforms.

But that’s not an easy task. Luckily, there’s an effective and efficient way to create more content without sacrificing quality and spending endless grueling working hours.

Making content repurposing simple and affordable for everyone—that’s the philosophy of ContentFries.

It is like making fries out of potato—imagine repurposing videos for different platforms in just a single click!

Take the primary long-form video (also known as pillar content) as the “potato” and generate as many repurposed “content fries” as you wish in no-time.

More than that, the application also features automatic video transcriptions supporting over 120+ languages and dialects, a robust templating system, and even a context editor.

Your time is precious. As a small business owner, you wear many hats. You have a business to run, team to lead, stuff to manage, and products to sell. Social platforms are a great place to get more leads and sales, but it is so overwhelming, and time consuming!

ContentFries can help you save as much time as possible, thanks to strategic content repurposing.

Knowing the exhaustive process of creating content, the team at ContentFries wants to give small content creators an easy-to-use tool to model powerful content marketing strategies.

And the best part—they can use it without the need of building their own content production team.

With ContentFries, you can easily follow a strategy like GaryVee Content Model or Content Multiplier Formula. Create content for weeks or even months ahead faster than ever before.

ContentFries allows a content creator to become contextual in every social media platform with its one-of-a-kind Context Editor.

Relatively, when compared to the usual amount of workload in content creation, ContentFries is offering an easier and cheaper alternative.

Using a content multiplier application is one of the best ways to get the most out of the videos you already have, attract more super-fans, and make your content efforts worthwhile.

  • Stop spending hours on what can take you minutes with ContentFries;
  • Save time and money on video transcriptions, captions and subtitles;
  • Fill your content calendar fast—create weeks’ worth of content in a single afternoon;
  • No PC sweating and heating—export your videos in many formats in a bulk on cloud;
  • Forget spending endless hours learning a video-editing software just to make your video social media friendly;
  • Get the most out of your long-form videos, interviews, podcasts on camera, webinars, Q&A, keynotes, reviews, and others;
  • Increase your reach, engagements, traffic and more!

ContentFries includes many useful tools for content creators and small business owners to fast-forward their content creation workflow.

Content Multiplier

Have you spent hours on brainstorming and content creation and your video goes crickets?

Get the most out of your content! Multiply and repurpose your content and create dozens of content pieces out of single video.

ContentFries Content Multiplier can help you repurpose your videos into bite-sized and engaging videos and quotes for social media without hassle. Just drag and drop on the transcription text and create video chunks or quote ideas!

Multiply your video content with a simple drag & drop in the text editor and save hours on video captions and subtitles. ContentFries Content Multiplier will do all the heavy lifting.

Not only you can generate dozens of videos, but you can also automatically stitch intro and outro to your content pieces automatically. It is super easy!

Just upload your intro and outro and ContentFries will automatically stitch them to your videos and resize, if needed. Additional hours of your valuable time saved! 

Templates are also integrated into the content multiplier, so the generated pieces of content will automatically look as you wish.

Quotes Generator

It’s like magic—just click a button and ContentFries will automatically generate wonderful and engaging quotes for your social media.

Generate one or ten quotes with a single click of a button. Choose the category of your liking or upload your own quote ideas and the system will create random quotes by your preferences.

ContentFries has a huge library of 1M+ quotes and random images behind the scenes to generate truly unique and engaging quotes!

Upload your or your clients’ photos to photo libraries. ContentFries will then automatically use those as quote backgrounds and smart-crop them into the right dimensions.

Add your own quotes or mark parts of transcriptions as quote ideas. Add as many quote ideas as you want and let ContentFries generate very special quotes out of your very own ideas. Unique and special!

  • Add captions or subtitles in minutes;
  • Export captions in .srt, .vtt, or as a plain text to use it in your blog;
  • Add logo / watermark / image to video;
  • Add text / catchy headline / emojis to video—hundreds of beautiful fonts included, custom fonts supported;
  • Add progress bar to video—change its look and feel, color, height and location;
  • Automatic context generator: Create social media videos in square format for Facebook, Instagram feed, LinkedIn, portrait for IGTV, TikTok, YouTube Shorts and more;
  • Powerful templating system—one click to create or apply reusable templates;
  • Export videos in bulk via cloud;
  • Stock media library: Add wonderful images from a huge library of hundreds of thousands of pictures and images provided with;

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90 Days Refund Policy





90 Days Refund Policy





90 Days Refund Policy

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