Birdseed Lifetime Deal

BirdSeed is a suite of 12 tools to help you convert more leads, sales and customers.

All of these tools are built into ONE button so you can now easily increase your conversion rates and sales.

Why BirdSeed is better than the common engagement tools websites typically offer visitors?

Live Chat

  • Assumes your prospect is ready to ask a question in the sales process
  • The prospect may prefer to communicate a different way (phone)
  • ONLY works when you are available to respond to the customer
  • BirdSeed includes Live Chat anyway!

Chat bots

  • Impersonal experience that creates no human connection with customer
  • Often simply collects information and doesn’t deliver real value to prospect
  • Forces customer to “walk down a path” when they prefer to get options
  • Who wants to have a fake conversation with a computer?

Pop-up widgets

  • They can be distracting if they never are able to be closed and hidden
  • Often their main purpose is solely to collect information which is limiting
  • They don’t offer any real value to engage with the customer and move them closer to a purchase decision
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Birdseed is a Virtual Concierge that combines 12 tools into ONE button that you can place on your website.

  • Automated User Behaviour Tracking: Automated tracking of over 50 user metrics. Benchmarked against industry standards to flag any issues.
  • Easy Visualisation of Data: Understand user intent and behaviours with heatmaps, scroll maps and session recordings. Organize user behavior data with efficient summaries of most clicked and hovered elements of your website – quickly see which areas of your website your users interact with most
  • Discover AI-driven e-commerce solutions: Want to upsell like Amazon? Obtain automated suggestions for product upselling and bundle combinations to maximise revenue with Machine Learning.

Provide Information To Early Stage Buyers

Many visitors aren’t ready to interact directly yet while still just gathering information to figure out if you provide the right service or product they are looking to purchase.

  • Knowledge Library
  • Video Showcase
  • Link Launcher

Establish Credibility As The Best Solution

Often you are compared to another purchase option, so how do you quickly show your prospects why they can trust you or what separates you from your competitors?

  • Client Testimonials
  • Event Announcements
  • User Feedback

Communicate By Preferred Method

Some people aren’t accustomed to live chat, may find it impersonal, or feel their question is too complex to type so being able to quickly make or request a phone call is important

  • Call Request
  • Live Chat
  • Phone Contact

Deliver Value When You Aren’t Available

If your business is open 40 hrs/week, that means you are closed 76% of the time – but you still need to engage your prospective customers during the times you aren’t available because your website is open 24/7!

  • Schedule Meeting
  • Email capture
  • Contact Form

Meet with customers while they browse

The best chance of selling a product or service to another human is when we see them, and there’s no better chance than when browsing your website and most interested.

But that does present challenges that we have tried to solve:

The problem with 2 way live video chat…
  • Visitors may not have a video camera ready to use
  • Visitors usually don’t want to be seen in a chat initially
  • Operators may worry what is heard or seen in background
  • Operators may not want to get stuck in a long video chat
  • Operators wouldn’t be able to take other chats or multi-task
Use BirdSeed’s instant video responses to…
  • Welcome and introduce someone to the live chat
  • Explain something visually, talking human to human
  • Put a face behind asking someone to take the next step!
Birdseed special LTD

Why make this special offer now?

The LTD community has always been wonderful. Here’s why we are privately offering our 2nd and final LTD:

  1. Many early adopters never upgraded
  2. Huge product upgrades since 2019
  3. No other Competing LTD Currently
  4. Our regular prices are going up very soon!
Birdseed LTD Deal Terms

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